Seventeen Blogger Relay

SEVENTEEN is a brand I am lucky enough to work with quite a lot, a few of us bloggers have all been involved with a blogger relay, which gives us the opportunity to try different looks with SEVENTEEN’S makeup and see which works best for each of us individually. It’s also a brilliant way to see what other makeup looks and choices others have come up with to get inspiration.


To start off with I tried the BB Blemish balm with an spf 25. This claims to improve your skin within 4 weeks, I can’t comment on that just yet as this is my first time trying it. It is a ‘No makeup’ foundation, which is meant for a light coverage but to still give you that healthy looking glow. Usually I can’t stand these things because I have strange pigments in certain parts of my face and unless it’s a full coverage they show up. I randomly put this on with my fingers, don’t ask why, I have no idea myself… well, ok fine… my makeup bag was on the other side of the room and I didn’t want to get it haha, omg lazy!!

It smoothed over my face lovely and was a perfect match for my skin, I got the colour (Light). It is very light coverage, you can still see all my freckles etc, but it does give you than nice glow and doesn’t show up my pigments! Hooray.IMG_1500

Secondly, I used their Stay time concealer, which says it lasts up to 18 hours. Seriously guys if you haven’t washed your makeup off in over 18 hours there’s something wrong there, personal hygiene and all. I have used this multiple times now, it’s my everyday concealer, I love the silky consistency of it. I have this in ‘Extra fair’ (Little tip: Always get conceal lighter than you skin tone.) It really brightens up my under eyes and areas I like highlighted.


FYI: In both these photo’s I haven’t blended them, in case you were thinking it was a strange look! lol.

Below I have used Define & conquer contour kit, this comes as a pressed powder. I use the darker shade in the hollows of my cheeks, around my forehead and down the sides of my nose. I found that the lighter powder wasn’t pigmented enough to actually highlight as it just didn’t show up, therefore I used it as an all over powder instead to give that matte finish.


For eyeliner, I can’t use anything other than liquid, this particular one is their: Lacquer Liner wet look finish. The brush is tiny and very flexible. With these particular brushes you need a very steady hand as one jog could be a winged disaster! I have had a lot of practice and thought it glided across my eyelid beautifully, I really love it.


Long lash mascara: It has a lovely little thin applicator which was very helpful for doing my bottom lashes with, I didn’t get any black marks under my eyes which I usually do with the bigger brushes. This photo is after 2 coats, I feel it gives you quite natural looking lashes which are perfect for day time wear.


Now, I’m just wondering why I can’t do the sexy lip pout other girls have got going on, I tried my best and that’s all that matters! haha 😀  Jokes aside, I have used Mega Matte Lipstick in the colour Rioja Your World. This is after 1 and a half coats (As in one all over, then one on the top and kissing my lips together) The more coats the bolder the colour, if I were to go out I would probably go bolder but for everyday wear I think this looks really nice. They have lots of crazy colours as well, which I’m just not cool enough to pull off yet… but hopefully in time 🙂


This was my final look, a natural day to day feel, I don’t go out much so this really is me.

I genuinely love SEVENTEEN’s makeup it’s so affordable. Let me know if you have any drugstore favourites, I’m always up for trying new products!


Thank you all for reading. Love Annie x

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