Aveeno New Range

Earlier on in the year I went to a Johnson & Johnson event, I had no idea they looked after so many brands. Aveeno was one of them, this was a brand I had previously heard of as my Sister, Mum and Nan use their hand moisturiser and recommended it to me.

I was lucky enough to pick up a range of their latest collection as you will see below..




First of all, I tried their body wash. Originally I thought they only sold moisturisers so I wash happy to find a body wash which I could use in the shower.

This was fantastic, I used it as my everyday body wash. I felt it was gentle on my skin and didn’t leave it feeling dry, it smelled really fresh and I felt it really did leave me feeling clean. Unlike other body washes which just leave you with a nice smell but not feeling clean. I would definitely buy this again.


This next moisturiser is a god send! It is in a spray can. It saves so much time after getting out the shower, it sprays a light mist which you can spray all over your body, no need to even rub in. I found this most useful in the colder months when I was too cold to stand in just a towel spending ages moisturising then waiting for it to sink in!


If you do have a little more time on your hands and your bathroom is nice and warm now it’s summer, this lotion is also a great for an all over moisture. I love the feel of it after I have just shaved my legs and I rub it all into my skin. It leaves them touchably soft and feeling really smooth. I also use it over my arms as it glides beautifully across larger areas.


Of course everyone needs a handy little hand moisturiser for their hand bag! This is nice and easy to carry around with you and keeps your hands from drying up throughout the day 🙂


I genuinely think Aveeno is a fabulous range and would recommend to anyone. I personally have sensitive skin and have been absolutely fine using all these products without a problem! I would definitely buy all these products in the future and would like to try out some of their other products too. They have recently launched Aveeno baby, which I personally haven’t tried yet but hope to in the future.

Thank you all for reading. Love Annie x

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  1. Lizzie Grace says:

    I love Aveeno products! They work so well with my skin!


    1. They are lovely aren’t they. Thanks for reading x


  2. Lizzie Grace says:

    I love Aveeno products because they work so well with my skin!


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