Huge Summer Primark Haul 2017

I was in London for a meeting the other week and whilst I was there I thought it would be rude not to visit their Primark on Oxford street. I had never been to it before and loved it the moment I stepped in… it was huge!!!

I didn’t want to get a huge amount as I was travelling via tube and detest carrying heavy bags. This wasn’t the case, I ended up leaving with almost the whole shop, so here is what I got 🙂


White shirt/dress: £12


I previously bought the blue version of this and love the fact it can be worn as a cute going out outfit with tights and heels, or thrown on top of leggings with some flat shoes as a casual day time dress. The material is very thin and see-through so I will advise wearing nude colour underwear.


Baby Pink Gingham shirt: £7


As we all know, I am a huge country fan, I love anything gingham and checkered. My favourite colour is pink so this was a match made in heaven. These shirts are brilliant because there are multiple ways they can be worn. The first, is tied up at the waist like I have done in the photo, secondly you can have it undone and worn on top of a vest, and thirdly you can wear it like a usual shirt buttoned all the way up :). So you could wear the same shirt 3 days in a row and it would look like a completely different outfit lol.


Black playsuit with flowers: £10


This is one of my favourites, I love the little tie up in front of your chest. The frills around the arms are so pretty and the shorts are baggy, which makes it look almost like a dress. Anyway, I feel so girly when I am in this it is making me so excited for the summer.


Khaki evening dress: £13


I see this dress as more of an evening dress. It is quite plain so I would recommend jazzing it up a bit with jewellery and some bold shoes.


Pink playsuit with flowers: £6


I always talk about loving girly things and this definitely fulfills that. The frills around the bottom of the shorts are absolutely adorable, it is very light weight and cool for those hot summer days.


The Little Mermaid shorts: £4


Well I think we all know why I got these. I am Disney’s biggest fan and with my Red hair I couldn’t say no to a pair of little mermaid shorts. I got these a size smaller as I find they come up quite big. They are great for any active wear you might be doing, they feel soft and are super comfortable.


Mickey Mouse pyjama set: £8


Again with the Disney, I saw these summer pyjamas and had to get them. They came together as a set. The top says ‘5 more minutes’ going in a circle around Mickey’s head. It made me laugh because every morning I keep snoozing my alarm for 5 more minutes, so it was perfect!


I got a few other bits too which look much better in video than photos, so please do check out my video below to see outfits all tried on and my views on all of them.

Thank you all for reading. Love Annie x

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  1. quinncove says:

    Love!! ❤️


    1. Thank you lovely xxx


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