Tesco Beauty New Skin Care Range


Tesco Beauty were kind enough to send me this beautiful hamper filled with new products which will be available in store from 27th February 2017. Firstly I want to comment on how beautifully packaged it was, A* for Tesco.img_1070

Aloe Range:


My eyes were immediately drawn to the Aloe range. I have always heard great things about Aloe, mainly for burns as I have seen first hand how it cools  your skin down almost immediately and stops a burn from forming.

My favourite 2 items were the Toner and Cleansing milk. Usually I would take my make up off as normal using a face wash, which I thought removed all of my makeup. So I thought I would try out the cleansing milk, the bottle suggests using this after taking your makeup off. I then put some Cleansing milk on a cotton wool pad and swept it across my face, to my surprise all this dirty makeup began coming off my face onto the pad. After that, I did the same thing with the toner, even more makeup came off my face. It left my face feeling super clean and definitely makeup free! I have added that to my everyday evening routine and my face is feeling great.

To finish my nightly routine off I would use the moisturising face cream. This cream contains spf 6 and is for all skin types. I personally have ridiculously sensitive skin and luckily all these products have been very gentle on my face. I like the cream as it doesn’t leave your face looking or feeling greasy, I feel it would be especially good for day time use or under makeup as it wouldn’t leave your face shiny which is one of my ultimate pet hates.


I love all of these. My favourite is the muslin face cloth. I use this in the shower to wash my face daily with face wash then using the muslin to wash it off. It is so soft and feels lovely on your face using gentle exfoliation. It really leaves your face feeling super soft.

With the eye mask, you can take the inside gel out and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes. This allows it to cool down just enough to put over your eyes. When you are feeling tired or run down this eye mask really helps to liven up you up and definitely helps you feel more awake.

These were all my favourite products and I would definitely recommend trying them for yourself. They will be in Tesco stores from 27th February 2017.


Please let me know if you try any of these as I would love to know if they worked for you too! 🙂

Thank you all for reading. Love Annie x

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