New Year, New Me… Nah!

Every year everyone bangs on about New Year new them, to be honest I was the same last year, I had all these big plans of things I wanted to change and make better about myself, but did I stick to them… no I did not! Just like everyone else, you get caught up in thinking that this is going to be YOUR year, then most give up when after 2 months they haven’t achieved their goal.

Well this year I’m not going to say I want a new me, I want to stay the same me but with continuous improvements.

  • I would like to surround myself with happy and positive people that will bring out the best in me, rather than trying to belittle me and make me feel negative.
  • Be a stronger person and just say no if I don’t want to do something, rather than trying to please everyone.
  • I would like to continue playing the guitar and learn as many chords and funky strumming patterns as I can. Also, to be able to play without reading the chords!
  • I would love to continue singing, getting more and more confident and eventually doing more gigs.
  • Get our new house finished so Karl and I can move in together.
  • Make more videos for my YouTube channel and gain a greater audience
  • Write more blogs… (I know I sometimes slack with these).
  • Mainly I just want to have a happy and fun 2017 just like 2016… but better! 🙂


Well let’s see if I can make 2017 one to remember and continue making myself better a person and learning each step of the way.


What are some of your New Years Resolutions?


Thank you all for reading. Love Annie x

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