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Since changing my hair to Red, I have been dying it like it’s going out of fashion! WOW, who knew the colour Red could be so much upkeep. So I am trying all sorts of shades of red until I find that perfect one.

This time I am trying Schwarzkopf’s Pillar Box Red. It is only a semi permanent but I wanted to see how the colour would turn out ontop of my already reddish hair (it fades drastically after the first 2 washes, so always seems more pink than Red lol)img_9598

I did really like the outcome, my hair ALWAYS seems darker on the top because the natural colour of my roots is brown, however the length of my hair had previously been bleached so it will always have a much bolder colour on that part.


So the time came to wash my hair (this is my most dreaded part) the dye always runs, especially as it is only semi permanent and I make such a mess haha.

This time I had a mousse colour refresher to try out. It is supposed to top up the colour that you loose whilst washing and add shine back to your hair. You spray the mousse in your hands and massage it into your hair then leave for 3 minutes.

Firstly, the perfumed smell was so strong one day it got right down my throat & I couldn’t stop coughing all day. Secondly, it didn’t work at all, my colour was obviously faded after that first wash, after the second I already look like I need to dye it again… see I wasn’t joking about the upkeep, it’s ridiculous.


Heat protection now, as previosly mentioned I dye my hair so much I have to be so careful about using heat on it. Where possible I won’t use any, someitmes however I do need to blowdry my hair. So I spray this all over my hair, (it smells lovely by the way) and I’m good to go. It protects your hair up to 220 degrees centigrade heat.


I have a lot more hair on the left side of my head than the right side, because the right side doesn’t have much hair, it goes all frizzy around the roots. Especially when I put my hair in a pony tail, I always get awful flyaways or little curly sections that won’t reach into my hairband.

I tried this Oil-Licious with argan oil, I was a bit worried when I first used it as I had just washed my hair and didn’t want it to get greasy again! The packaging did say it instatly absorbs, so I smoothed a little all over my hair. To my surprise it didn’t leave it greasy at all, no more flyaways my hair felt soft and shiny it was great. Be sure to wash your hands straight after… it didn’t absorb into my skin hehe.


Although I probably won’t use the colour again or the mousse, I’ve found 2 hair styling products I will definitely continue using.

Hope this was helpful, let me know if you have tried any of these products, or if you can recommend any products that you think I would like.

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