Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2016

You have no idea how long I tried getting my hands on these products for. Ever since Zoe made her video saying they were coming out, I tried every single Superdrug store I could and no one seemed to have it stocked. Then one day by pure chance I checked online and they had it!! Hooray! 🙂 Lots of the products had already sold out so I got everything I could.

Here’s what I got…


1. Lets Go Places: £26 – click here

This is the perfect set for a Christmas present, it comes in a beautiful baby pink and white striped beauty box and inside are 4 products:

Hungry Hands, which is a moisturiser for your hands (hence the name). It smells like Gingerbread and Vanilla and makes your hands feel super soft and hydrated.

Ginger Cream, this is a body cream which you can all over yourself after the shower.

Shower Glaze, this is a shower gel which again smells the same as the previous 2 products. It bubbles up under warm water and leaves your skin smelling beautiful and fresh.

A scrunchie, use this to put the Shower Glaze on and lather it all over your body.



2. Secret Scenta Mini Mist Set: £16 – click here

I love the play on words here, when I first read it I actually thought it said Secret Santa and thought wow this would actually be a perfect little present for a Secret Santa. This set comes with mini versions of all 4 of her fragrances including her new Christmas bake my day. The new one literally smells like Christmas, that’s the only way to describe it, I got that warm Christmas feeling as soon as I smelt it. Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Chocolate. That pretty much sums up Christmas for me anyway. 🙂



3. Gingerbread Bath Fizz Gift Set: £9 – click here

Ahhh how cute are these little Gingerbread men. I love the detail on them, like the smiley faces, bow tie, cuffs on the hands and feet, not forgetting her signature Z. I haven’t actually tried these out in the bath yet but I think it’s great that you can snap them in half (where the line is under the Z), this way you get double use out of them. Making them last longer which is much better value for money.



4. Deck the Baubles: £6 – click here

How festive is this, a bauble shaped shower gel. It’s gold and glittery, everything I could want in a shower gel hehe, and when your finished you can hang it on your tree!


5. Lip Balm Duo: £7 – click here

These cute little lip balms are so handy for your hand bag, or even to keep one for yourself and give the other to your best friend. The Red one smells like the Christmassy Ginger bread theme we have come across a few times before.  The Rose Gold one smells purely of Vanilla, I love this smell it reminds me of being a kid and loving everything Vanilla flavoured.


If you love Zoella like I know so many of you do, I’m sure these gifts would be perfect for you to give as a present or event better to receive as a gift at Christmas. You can tell Zoe has worked really hard on all her products and they all look beautiful. So well done you did yourself proud.

If you want to see each product in more detail, check out my video below:

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