Testing SEVENTEEN Makeup


You may have already guessed that I love the brand SEVENTEEN, they are unbelievably affordable, in fact they are just down right fricken cheap and the quality is amazing!!! I wish I had this brand when I was going through my awkward teenage makeup phase at school, where you were too poor to buy good makeup so you would buy the cheapest product even if it was way too orange or wrong for you! haha 🙂

So I am going to let you know what I thought of each item.


SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer: £5.99-
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This is actually a 3-in-1 highlighter/primer/add to your foundation. I didn’t actually have a designated primer so I used this.

As a primer it really illuminates your skin (obviously as it’s also a highlighter), I am usually all about the matte look but it’s always good to try other things. I didn’t actually like the feel of it on my skin as a Primer as it made my face a little too sticky for my liking, however it does help your foundation last a little longer.

I also use this products as a highlighter and omg I am in love with it. It gives you the most gorgeous glowing highlight. So forget using it as a primer, it’s all about the highlight!

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Foundation: £4.99-
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A lovey full coverage foundation, I love a full coverage it makes me feel so good for some reason. This says it is a 25 hour foundation however I’m not so sure. It gave me full coverage for a definite 5 hours but then started to wear thin on my nose. This doesn’t really bother me though as I would NEVER wear my foundation any longer that 12 hours at a time and I’m more than willing to top up.

SEVENTEEN Stay Time Pressed Powder: £4.49
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I never really know how to elaborate on powder, I always feel powders are much the same, it definitely did mattify the shiny areas of my face that’s for sure.


SEVENTEEN Skin WOW! Concealer: £4.99-
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This is my favourite concealer. I love the packaging, it has a little button on the end which pumps the concealer through to the little brush and sweeps over your skin like a dream. It is so easy to blend and really brightens up your dark circles.


SEVENTEEN Instant Glow tan Cream Bronzer: £4.99-
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This cream bronzer is also one of my new favourites. I have heard it’s better to contour your face using a cream and now I see why. I blend it in with a sponge or a stippling brush and it gives me just the perfect contour!


SEVENTEEN Cheek Stamp Blush: £4.99-
click here

This cute little compact come with a handy little mirror on top, a must have for all us ladies. The actual blusher sits on the inside of the lid underneath the mirror, so once screwed onto the sponge applicator the colour dabs onto it.

Now I have tried this many times and often when you then stamp your cheek with the colour, it leaves you with a perfect blush circle which reminds me of either an Elf of a dolly haha, so a lot of blending needs to happen after that. So either don’t stamp it straight on your cheek, lightly dab the colour on the apples of your cheek, or use an actual blusher brush. This always works for me 🙂


SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Shimmer Brick: £4.99-
click here

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is a powder highlight made up of 4 different Pink/Bronze colours. I am a fan of powder highlighters anyway and this is right up there with my favourites. Definitely a go to product for me from now on. (See highlight below).



SEVENTEEN Easy On The Eye Palette- Birthday Suit: £7.99-
click here

On the Left we have ‘The Big Smoke’ and on the right is the one I used in my testing video and that is called ‘Birthday Suit’. Both really gorgeous palettes with a large array of colours that all blend perfectly together. I love that they come with an eye primer in the bottom right corner, it’s so handy as usually I don’t even bother because that’s another extra thing to buy or find in the makeup box! The first 8 colours are powder and the end 4 on the right are cream based (including the primer).


SEVENTEEN Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner – Tattoo Me: £4.99-
click here

This claims to last up to 48 hours and I’m not sure because I don’t keep my makeup on that long, but I can vouch that this product is not coming off any time soon. It lasts through my watery eyes and doesn’t smudge, even when I am trying to take my eyeliner off it doesn’t want to come off hehe so it’s definitely durable.

SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara: £4.99-
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A great mascara, the stick isn’t too thick so it’s easy enough to get to your bottom lashes too. Definitely lengthens and thickens lashes. 🙂

Here is what all the eye products mentioned look like on me…



SEVENTEEN Mega Matte Lipsticks- Rioja Your World: £4.99-
click here

Another one of my favourites, I always love a matte lipstick, especially one that matches my hair colour! This ticks all the boxes for me and without a doubt makes me stand out from the crowd!


Here is the finished makeup look ❤


If you would like to see a more detailed video of me trying on all this makeup, please check out my video below.

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