Testing Asda Makeup

I love testing makeup videos and blogs, as we all know makeup can be so expensive! It can always be a risk trying out a new product for the first time as it may be wonderful or we may have just wasted a tenner on a foundation which makes you look worse than no makeup at all.

So here I am to trial out some Asda makeup for you.



nspa Ever Youthful Day Cream: £6.40-
click here

I am so in love with this day cream. I use it as a moisturiser before I put on my makeup, it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy or shiny which is one of my pet hates. It sinks into your skin leaving your face feeling beautifully smooth and a perfect base to put makeup over the top. It is also SPF 15, which is so helpful as our faces are often exposed to the sunlight and rarely do we use sun cream, especially in England as we think there is no point as it isn’t as hot as Spain so what’s the point!


nspa Instant Blur Primer: £6.40-
click here

This is a creamy consistency and smooths perfectly over your skin. It makes your face feel touchably silky soft and gives you the perfect coverage to then apply your foundation.

The packet actually says you should apply this before the Day Cream, but I find that a little strange and backwards lol, so I apply it after I moisturise and it works a treat.


George Super Boost Foundation: £6- click here

I got this in the colour No.3 Creme Caramel and omg it is way too Orange for me! I probably needed No.1 hehe. I found it a little hard to blend, it needed to be worked into your skin quite a bit to make sure there were no patchy areas. However once it was applied it gave a beautiful matte finish which I am obsessed with. I wore it all day and night and it lasted really well considering it doesn’t imply that it is a 12 hour foundation.

George Super Boost Concealer: in the shade 02 medium: £4-
click here

This glides beautifully across your skin and blends so easily. It’s the perfect texture, not overly thick nor too runny, pretty much the same texture at the foundation. Again, I think I needed a lighter shade as it didn’t really brighten up my under eyes, however it is a slightly lighter shade than the foundation. So there was a little bit of brightening going on.


Strobing Kit £2-
click here

Highlight & Glow strobing kit: £2. As you can see I broke it! Damn it! Originally one side was white for highlight and the other side was pink for blusher, it was halved down the middle.

The blush side is a very baby pink, reminded me a little of barbie. It didn’t really go with the Orange foundation because it was such a big contrast, I can imagine it will look beautiful with a more pale foundation, because I thought the colour looked really pretty.

The highlight side was beautiful too, it gave me a definite highlight which really complimented the bush. They both work well together.


George Super Boost Mascara: £5-
click here

The brush itself is HUGE! Unfortunately it didn’t make my eyelashes huge. After 3 coats they were good enough to wear out. This mascara is great either if your want a very minimalistic look, or one for you to keep layering up.


Tint N Pout lipgloss: a: £4
click here

I love this lipgloss, not only does it give you a beautiful shine but it gives your lips some colour too. A gorgeous pink colour. The lipgloss itself wasn’t too sticky, (sometimes lipgloss can be really sticky and I can’t bare it!) However, this one gets top marks.

Personally I think the overall look came out really girly and pretty. For the bargain price of all of this make up, I think it did a fantastic job, especially the fact it lasted me all day.

My favourite products are the Ever Youthful Day Cream, Primer, Strobing Kit and Lipgloss.

If you would like to see all the products actually tried on, please take a look at my video below.

Thank you all for reading, please don’t forget to check out my social media channels below… Love Annie x

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  1. Anita says:

    Didn’t know asda did makeup x


    1. I know, I only recently found out! x


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