Picnic By The River With Mummy

It was another beautiful day in England and I wasn’t working (surpise surpise) lol. So once my mum finished work we went over to Runnymead for a picnic. A few days beforehand we had Afternoon Tea round my Nan’s house, so I was beginning to get quite a taste for little finger sandwiches.

Runnymead is a huge field which runs alongside the river. It was pretty busy so we tried finding a section of the river which was quiet enough that we wouldn’t be sitting so close to others that we could practically join in their conversations. So we pulled up in the car along side this older couple, obviously we wasn’t going to sit right there next to them, we just had to park there. The older lady gave us THE most dirty look ever, then turned around to her husband to whisper something, next thing he turned and gave us evils too!

My mum and I sat there gobsmacked wondering how these people could be so rude, glaring at anyone who dares to sit close to them. We were in two minds whether to just stay there purely to annoy them lol. In the end we decided we didn’t want our day ruined by these old crows so we moved on to a quieter space.

Out came the sandwiches (ham and cheese of course) and we sat there but the river soaking up the sun.


The Runnymead is actually where The Magna Carta was signed, last year marked the 800th year since that day. To remember this day lots of iron chairs have been placed in the field and each chair has been engraved with a moment in history that represents the freedom we now have today. It’s pretty amazing actually. If you go over to the chairs there are leaflets which tell you about the history of each picture.

IMG_8833.JPGOh and unrelated but I’m a bit obsessed with country music lately, I thought my outfit looked particularly ‘country’ this day, so of course I couldn’t resist posing for a few shots, pretending that I am from Oklahoma or somewhere within that region! hehe


Outfit details:

Hat: Poundland

Top: Newlook

Shorts: Primark

Well, here’s to many more sandwiches in the sun wearing cute outfits hehe 🙂

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