SEVENTEEN Blogger Network with Katie Snooks

I was thrilled when I got an invitation to attend SEVENTEEN’s Blogger Network event with Katie Snooks. If you don’t know, SEVENTEEN are a brand within Boots. I am Boots’ biggest fan and spend most of my days in their store, so of course I am going to love this brand too.

As for Katie, I regularly watch her videos, follow her Snapchat stories and have done for a long while now, so I couldn’t wait to meet her. In fact it felt kind of strange actually seeing her in real life after watching her on the screen for so long! For me Katie is so relatable, lots of the things she does have also happened to me. You know when you watch someone and think “Damn, we could be best friends if we actually knew each other” haha 🙂

Me and Katie snooks

For instance, Katie had Scoliosis pretty bad as a child, I also have Scoliosis, not to her extent but enough that I have to see my Osteopath every month!! She also does Circus training, I am an ex gymnast and currently coach gymnastics which uses a lot of the same skill set. She is currently taking Roacutane for her skin which my sister also took for 6 months (and it really helped!). She recently just moved house, my partner and I are also looking to move out and I followed her journey with moving too. (I appreciate that I seem like a bit of a stalker now! haha) My point of all this rambling is that we actually have quite a bit in common and I always thought it would be great to meet her. Katie gave a talk, giving her top tips on Blogging and how to grow your blog, I learned a lot from her of which I can take away and use on my own blog. She is a really lovely girl, so sweet and helpful.

Seventeen event 6

There was also a guy from YouTube there too called Rollo Goldstaub, he also gave some quality tips for your YouTube channel, which again is super helpful to me because I do both YouTube and Blogging.

After him, Celebrity makeup artist Vanesa Guallar presented her Glamorous Goth makeup look, which I absolutely loved and funnily enough had pretty much the same colour lipstick on as the one she was showing.

Seventeen event 5

I have been to a few blogger events now and this by far is my favourite. Thank you for having me SEVENTEEN, I had a fab time and met some other really incredible bloggers too.

Seventeen event 3Seventeen event 4

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. It was so lovely to meet you yesterday! I enjoyed the event and found it so inspirational for some future blog posts!🙈x


    1. It was lovely to meet you too! 🙂 Definitely so inspirational, I feel so much better about blogging for some reason now 🙂 xx


      1. Same! It made me feel more motivated!xx


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