The Down Side To Being Self Employed

It’s all fun and dandy being your own boss and controlling what hours/days you work. However, when work dries up, there’s nothing you can do about it. I have had many ‘normal’ permanent jobs. For instance: Working in a clothes shop, chip shop, office job, Olympics etc, you name it, I have probably done it.

Personally I don’t enjoy those jobs at all, there’s nothing wrong with them I just have different aspirations. So I left it all and became self employed as a children’s party entertainer, as well as that I am a performer so do different dance contracts whenever they pop up. I love doing this so much as it’s something I am good at and genuinely enjoy, so it doesn’t actually feel like a job.

Lego Friends

I experienced it last year and once more it has come around again… the dreaded summer holidays! My first year as being self employed I thought Hooray, the kids are off school, that means they will book a hell of a lot more parties…. not the case at all. Everyone goes on holiday with their family and if they don’t go, the parents don’t want to throw a party because all of the child’s friends will be on holiday.


This leaves me with technically no job, everyday I sit around trying to think of ways to advertise, or waiting for the phone to ring. I hate it. I love being busy it gives me purpose and something to get up for in the mornings. Some days I think why don’t I just go back to having a stable job where I know I will get the same income every month and not have to worry about going weeks without work. I refuse to do that, I just need to stay positive and know that something good is just around the corner.

In the mean time I will focus more on my Blog and my YouTube channel, which again are things I genuinely enjoy 🙂

Thank you all for reading, please don’t forget to check out my social media channels below… Love Annie x

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