Summer Primark Haul

It’s that time again, a new season which obviously means a new Primark haul! Here are my most recent purchases for this summer season.

  1. Long Shirt/ Dress: £12- I assumed this was a dress as it was pretty long and how I would wear it, however my sister said “You forgot your trousers!” lol. I think it is entirely up to the individual how they would like to wear it, which is great for me as in Summer I can wear it as a dress and in Winter I can wear it as a shirt with leggings. Who doesn’t love a 2 in 1. It is pretty see-through though so don’t forget your nude underwear!

Summer pri 2

2. White flowing dress: £13- This one really is see-through! It’s so pretty and looks gorgeous on but wearing blue knickers under it was a mistake! haha 🙂 I immediately had to change. This is such a pretty dress for the summer and will definitely keep you cool.Summer pri 1

Cheeky Short: £4- Some cutesy pajama shorts for bed time, with a lovely lace trimming and a baby pink tie up bow. They didn’t come with a matching top, so I have just paired it up with a plain white vest top.

Summer pri 4

Colourful Aztec Shorts: £4- I actually did feature this in my festival Lookbook because I think they are very suitable for a festival, I love the tie up with the tassels and the black bobble trimming too.

Summer pri 6

Neutral Aztec shorts: £4- I like the fact I could wear these with lots of different colours and also wear them day time or night time, as they have that casual but also dressed up look about them.

Summer pri 8

Active Wear Shorts: £2.50- Firstly… what a bargain!! Secondly, they are so comfy and easy, what’s not to love. Perfect for the gym, or in my case rehearsals in the sun.

Summer pri 5

Mickey Mouse T-Shirt: £6- I am a huge T-shirt lover, I find them great to wear with leggings or shorts. I am also a HUGE Disney fan, so I couldn’t go wrong with this.

Summer pri 3

Glittery Pumps: £8- I already own a pair of Silver glittery pumps and previous to that, I had a pair of gold glittery ones too. I LOVE glitter, so when I saw them they went straight in my basket. They are so comfy and I have already worn them loads. hehe 🙂

Summer pri

It’s safe to say, I had yet another productive trip to Primark. You can see each item in more detail below by watching my video, I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you all for reading, please don’t forget to check out my social media channels below… Love Annie x

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