Apparently I’m a Diva!

BuskersAs you may remember last year I began going to an Open Mic night, a local one to us, which my dad used to go to just to meet up with his friends. We began to go and would start getting up and singing songs. Every week I would go up with my sister and my friend and we would just have a bit of fun. We would usually pick songs and on the night it would go all wrong and we would sing out of tune because it’s so different singing with a live band as apposed to along with the CD.

One week I choose the song ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ by the Shirelles. It turns out I could actually sing it pretty well and the audience loved it. So from then on I would sing the same song every week. I would ask to sing other songs but the band leader would never know any of the songs I chose, so once again I would sing the same song.

It has gotten to the point where, although I love the song and the audience all seem to enjoy it, they are probably thinking, “ah, here she goes again singing that same old song”. I don’t want them to think that is the only song I can sing, also I want to sing other songs because it’s the only way to improve.

The last Open Mic just gone, I had been practicing some Country songs all week, so on the day I asked the band leader if he would play them. Surprise surprise he didn’t know them and told me I can sing the song I am used to which is…’Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’. I told him I didn’t want to sing that again, so I wrote down the songs I would like him to learn for next week.

Anyway, at the end of the night he called me up to sing and I said I didn’t want to. Everyone in the whole club was egging me on and telling me to get up and sing. I was in a bit of a bad mood and for some reason when I am in a mood I can’t sing because I’m not happy enough (If that makes sense). So I kept saying no and it turned into a massive scene where everyone was looking and me and trying to drag me up…it was so embarrassing. So the band leader said forget it.

If everyone in the club hadn’t of made a big deal and just respected my decision, there wouldn’t have been a big dramatic scene and everyone would have just forgotten it, but now it’s awkward and I feel I can’t go back. My Dad kept saying that I’m a ‘Diva’ and it’s gone to my head… nothing has got to my head, why won’t people understand, open mic night is to gain confidence and improve. I will never do that if I keep singing the same song!

I hope you guys understand what I am try to say, because trust me I’m not a Diva, I just want to get better.

Lucky enough there is a ‘Buskers Night’ every other week which I can go to. Here’s a video below of me singing at the last one. I hope you like it 🙂

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