My Lucky Day

The only thing in my calendar this day was a blogger event for La Roche-Posay, which started in the evening. I was really excited for it but a little nervous at the same time, because I haven’t been to many blogger events before so don’t have any blogger friends yet and hate that awkward feeling of trying to talk to people who are already in a group.

As I was walking to the event (I was lost and trying to find the correct road), I passed by the new hit musical Aladdin and took a photo of it for my Snapchat with the caption “I so want to see this”. Anyway, I continued on my journey looking for the event I was attending, when about 2 minutes up the road a young girl stopped me and asked if I wanted to go and see Aladdin! She had won the theatre raffle lottery, which means tickets are only £25 each (which is a bargain, these tickets are crazy expensive), her friend couldn’t go so she had one ticket spare. I was a little wary considering I didn’t know this girl at all, but I’d like to say I’m a great judge of character and she seemed very genuine. I took her number, told her I needed to go to an event but I would meet her outside the theatre before 7:30pm.


I finally found the road of the blogger event, but now I couldn’t find the actual building haha 😀 Luckily a girl came up to me and asked if I’m looking for La Roche-Posay as she couldn’t find it either, next thing we knew 2 other girls joined us and we were all on the hunt for it. This was great and a real ice breaker to chat to some people before I got there.

La Roche posay

I walked in first, saw everyone had drinks and wanted to find the bar as I was hot from all the walking and could do with a little dutch courage lol. I walked right to the back of the building until I could go no further unless I went into the kitchen…damn no bar! So I turned round to the lady next to me and said, “Hi, I’m Annie, I don’t actually know anyone so it’s nice to meet you”. She told me she was in fact a skincare Doctor and was the spokesperson of the evening… what are the odds! She asked if I had used anything from their brand and I replied saying I had actually never heard of them until I was invited to their event and told my boyfriend about it. I told her how he instantly recognised the name and even had a bottle of one of their face washes which he religiously uses daily. He ran to the bathroom to show me the product.

When she got up to speak about the new product, the room was filled with women and she mentioned that a lot of men do actually use La Roche-Posay products too and she told the crowd that she had met me and told them all the story of my boyfriend, haha it was great! 🙂

La Roche posay 1

They also had a fun photo booth downstairs which I did with a lovely friend that I made called Mandy from ItsAMandyThing. We also tried this super cool ice cream made from Nitrous Oxide, it was blue but tasted of chocolate… mad right!

Shortly after I had to go to watch Aladdin, I was so excided omg! We were directed to our seats, it turns out we had front row tickets… I actually couldn’t believe my luck. The show was right up my street, I am a musical fanatic, the costumes were the most sparkly, beautiful costumes I’ve ever seen and the big ensemble numbers won me over. The guy playing the Genie however stole the show, he was so funny and charismatic, you couldn’t help but sit there and smile.


So that was my lucky day, I had the best night, hope I get some more like that soon. 🙂 You can follow my Snapchat for all my daily shenanigans: anniekayequinn ❤

Thank you all for reading, please don’t forget to check out my social media channels below… Love Annie x

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