Skinny Tan*

I am such a pale human being, I never usually tan myself because it doesn’t last long and makes me realise I am super pale again! haha 🙂

I have tried out Skinny Tan from Superdrug for the past couple of days. It is a gradual tan, meaning you apply it to your skin and it gradually develops over the next 5 hours. I tried it out the first day on my legs and made the rookie mistake of not moisturising my knees before hand, so when I woke up I had orange knees. lol! (Not a great look).

You always need to moisturise your knees and elbows as the skin is more dry that the rest of your body, and the tan will develop more on those areas.

So, the next day I used ‘I love coconut’ body butter, all over my legs and applied extra to my knees. Then applied the tan over the top of it. Once developed it was slightly more subtle than before but looks so much better, a full even sun kissed look. I’ve used it for a few days now and the tan still looks beautiful and natural. I’m really enjoying being tanned for once! haha 😀

Skinny Tan offer other versions too, like Instant or 7 day tanner.

Skinny Tan £9.95 (On offer)
Skinny Tan Gradual Tan:
click here

I Love Coconut Body Butter £2.99
Body Butter:
click here

Any of you guys love a good tan? What products do you use, let me know if you have tried this one 🙂


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*Product has been gifted to me

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