Superdrug Loves*


I’m a huge drugstore fan as we all know and have been ever since I was a child! haha I used to go into Superdrug with my mum as a kid and tell her, when she is done she can find me in my favourite section (the makeup section).

Many years later I still go into the very same Superdrug and still go to my favourite section.

This time I was lucky enough to be sent some products I hadn’t actually tried before.


First of all I got 2 emoji lip balms, how fun do these look!? One is Mint Tingle flavour and the other is Grape Crush. My favourite is the Mint Tingle, it is so cool and refeshing. Considering for the last 2 years I have only been able to use Carmex, these are a great alternative. They are a mix between Carmex and Vasaline and I really like them.

Wink Grape Crush Lip Balm £2.99
Grape Crush Lip Balm:
click here

Teeth Mint Tingle Lip Balm £2.99
Mint Tingle Lip Balm:
click here

GOSH Lipstick- Colour ‘Sweetness’ in matte. This looks like such a pretty baby pink girly colour. I always smell lipsticks as sometimes they smell really nice and this one definitely does! However it is not very pigmented at all, I had to put about three coats on to be able see the colour and even then it wasn’t very obvious. It is fine if you are going for a very subtle look though.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt Sweetness £6.99
GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Matt Sweetness:
click here

GOSH Lip Oil- I love this so much, it is basically a lip gloss but doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky, they feel so silky smooth, leaving your lips with a brilliant shine. I would really recommend this, it’s the only lip gloss I use. I am so happy I have been introduced to this.

GOSH Lip Oil 001 £7.49
GOSH Lip Oil 001:
click here

Let me know if you try or have tried any yourself and what you think? 🙂

Thank you all for reading, please don’t forget to check out my social media channels below… Love Annie x

*Product has been gifted to me

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  1. Loving the emoji lip balms. I have two. They are super cute and hydrating! Xx


    1. Aren’t they the cutest! 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah they totally are! At only £2.99 these are super cool x


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