No7 Lovely Lips Lip Balms

I just received some of No7’s new Summer 2016 range and I have got to say I am in love!

I am just going to talk about one product in this post as the rest also deserve a dedicated post just for them too.

As we are all well aware, I am a huge lipstick fan! When I saw 3 lipstick lip balms I was as happy as Larry…(whoever he is.)

The colours are: Parisian Pink, Poppy Petal & Coral Blossom.

I am so glad I got the chance to try these because they have changed my life! I love normal lipstick and wear it everyday but after a few hours it starts getting congealed and doesn’t feel nice around your lips, especially when eating and drinking… these however don’t do that at all 🙂

They are basically just tinted lip balms, which give your lips the most amazing silky soft feel, they are enriched with mineral oil, beeswax & vitamin E, honestly they feel so good all I keep doing is rubbing my lips together. My new everyday colour is the Poppy Petal (as I have Red hair.) This is perfect for an everyday lip product as the colour is not too bright, I find it to be just the right colour for day time. The more coats you put on the deeper the colour, so it’s up to you how you prefer it. I even got 2 compliments today on my lipstick so I was feeling really chuffed.

My mum loves a good lippy too and tried out the Parisian Pink. I have since noticed it in her make up bag!!! Don’t think I will be getting that back anytime soon hehe 😀

These are £9 from No7 Boots, go and check them out in the store so you can see why I am making such a fuss.



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  1. These look gorgeous for summer! Thank you for sharing.



    1. Thanks for reading. They really are lovely xx


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