Top 10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

I love beauty and life hacks, I have found some amazing ones which have literally changed my life! Here are my top 10 beauty hacks which every girl should know.

  1. Dry chapped lips-Put some Vaseline on the back of your hand, mix it with a little bit of sugar and rub it over your lips. It will leave them feeling super soft and is a lot cheaper than buying a sugar scrub from Lush!
  2. Forgot to pack your eye shadow- don’t worry, just use some bronzer. Put some bronzer in the crease of your eye to give you that gorgeous bronzed eye shadow look.
  3. Want to turn a sheer lipstick matte?- All you need to do is get some translucent loose powder and brush some over your lips. They will turn beautifully matte.
  4. Fake Jewellery- Get some clear nail polish and paint it over the the inside of a ring, let it dry. This will stop your fingers going green.
  5. Bra straps-how annoying is it when you can see your straps through your top. One simple trick to stop this, is to get a paper clip and use it to join the two straps at the back in the middle. This will stop you seeing it through your top.
  6. Clean Makeup Brushes- You don’t need anything expensive, all I use is a silicone face exfoliator and baby shampoo. Pour the shampoo on the exfoliator, then lather your brushes into it, wash it under the tap and you will see all the muck instantly wash away.
  7. Broken Lipstick- get a lighter or a match (always make sure an adult is around) heat up the end of the broken lipstick until it begins to melt, then place it back onto the base. Heat all around the base so it begins to melt, let it cool down & your lipstick will look brand new.
  8. Want perfume to last longer?- Squirt it behind your ears, on the base of your neck, on your wrists, inside of your elbows & behind your knees!
  9. Nice smelling hair- Spray your favourite perfume on your brush and brush through your hair.
  10. Glitter nail polish- what a nightmare it is to get off glitter nails. Use PVA glue as a base coat then apply the glitter. When your want to get rid of the glitter, start picking at the bottom and the glitter layer will just peel off.

Hope these beauty hacks were helpful, all of them work as I have tried and tested them myself. Please watch the video as it shows you exactly how to do it. (Please subscribe to my videos to see more).

Beauty hacks 3

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  1. Wife Talk says:

    Great little tips. Thank for sharing! I’m sending this to my little sister (:


    1. Amazing, glad I could help 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 1divyapatel says:

    Great post!! ☺️☺️


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