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Don’t get me wrong I love my ‘normal’ friends a lot, I don’t know what I would do without them, but being a Blogger and YouTuber around them is not always easy.

They don’t fully understand what being a Blogger/YouTuber is all about, so when I get my camera out every 2 minutes to take a photo of my food, or talk to the camera as I am walking down the street. They often give me funny looks and I can see them exchange a quick laugh to each other thinking ‘What is that weirdo doing’. In short when I am around them, sometimes I feel too awkward to get my camera out, often missing great photo or video opportunities!

(Exibit A: pointless photo of my food, but had to be done!) lol


When I watch videos and see photos of Blogger friends together, they whack their cameras out and no one flinches, everyone just finds it so normal… That’s what I want! I am tired of being made to feel awkward about something which is a big part of my life.

I know at the moment Blogging is mainly just a hobby, but I want my Blog and YouTube channel to grow, so I feel I need to surround myself with other people doing the same thing. To help motivate each other and just to fully understand why the camera gets pulled out at every little opportunity!

Do any of you feel the same? I hope to attend lots of Blogging events this year where hopefully I can meet lots of you 🙂

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  1. Totally get you ! I’m the only one that I know who blogs so people don’t understand why I’m taking photos of random things etc. For my OOTD posts I keep having to explain no I haven’t found anyone who is crazy enough to pay me to model for them for the millionth time it’s for the blog! You are lucky 🍀they have blogging events where you are I don’t think I have found any here yet 😢


    1. I know it’s really annoying feeling like you have to keep explaining yourself. Well I haven’t actually been to a blogger event yet so I’m not sure if they will have any near me. Where abouts are you based? I’m glad someone else feels the same xxx

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      1. I am in UAE I know they are plenty of bloggers out here but I haven’t heard of any organized blogger events I would love to go to one though 😇

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      2. I know, I really need to research into it and find some 🙂 Hope you find some too x

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      3. Good luck to both of us 🍀



    This is so true! I’m learning to just own the fact that I’m a blogger and have confidence in what I do. But its true, not everyone understands the blogger life ❤


    1. I know, sometimes I think to myself right I’m gunna own it too and not care what they think. But when I’m with them and they laugh, I’m like ahh god here we go again! xxx

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      1. JASMINEMONEE says:

        Lol yeah you’re right! No matter what it’s totally awkward !


  3. Autumn Girl says:

    Luckily I’ve got some friends, who don’t mind that I’m often taking photos 🙂 But sometimes I see boredom on their faces and that makes me feel bad, because they have to wait for me. I haven’t blogged much, so probably that is why they aren’t so tired of me running around taking pictures 🙂 I told my friends that blogging is important for me. I think you should do the same 🙂 Actually now you can really see, who are your true friends and who doesn’t care about you.


    1. That’s true, it really does show who your true friends are. Let’s both keep it up and they will realise that we are going to keep doing it and that’s that! hehe xxx


  4. xoxosully says:

    Love this post. I completely get what you are saying! I’m new to this blogging, I basically enjoy writing and taking millions of pictures so I figused i would put it to good use! Look forward to reading more if yours.


    1. Definitely, in this day and age I don’t even know why people find it weird taking photos of things. Thanks for reading xxx


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