Valentine’s Day Haul

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Valentine’s Day… Just like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

It is the one day of the year where you tell your partner just how much you love them and shower them with flowers and gifts. However, I do think it is silly to only do that for one day a year, you should be spreading love the whole year round. Nevertheless this day was invented and we may as well make use of it.

I went to the shops to pick up a few little bits to help you guys out if you were struggling with ideas of what to get for your partner. Or if you don’t have a Valentine this year, there are also some lovely things to get for yourself 🙂

So here goes….

Red Nail Polish- Wilko £1.65. Valentine’s day is all about the colour red, so you must have some red nail’s essential!

Nail polish

A redberry scented candle- Wilko £1. What an absolute bargain. I love candles, this could be a nice gift just for yourself to put in your home. Or if you are just having a nice night in, why not light the candles and have a lovely romantic candle lit dinner.


Mirror Quote- Next £8. A beautiful wall ornament, with a quote saying ‘When I fall in love it will be forever’. I got this for my boyfriend Karl, I thought it would be a cute little thing to hang on the wall in our new place. ❤



Milk Tray Chocolate- Superdrug £2. If your stuck on gift ideas look no further. Girls love chocolate, give us a nice box of chocolates (doesn’t have to be Milktray) and we are happy! 😀


A single flower in a tall vase- Card Factory £1.99. I mainly got this because of the vase. A single rose in a vase is very simple but so stylish and thoughtful.


Message in a bottle- Card Factory £1.99. Quite a novelty gift here. A blank note inside a bottle. You can write a little love letter to your partner, pop it back in the bottle and let them read it.


Smaller message in a bottle- Card Factory 99p. A smaller version of the previous one, with 2 little blank notes inside this time.

Bottle 2

Heart Shaped Photo Frame- Card Factory £3.99. A very cute photo frame, I loved the heart shapes, I thought they were just really pretty. This would even be a nice present for your friend or your mum for Mothers Day.


Diffuser- Card Factory £3.99. I mainly got this because I liked the quote on the front ‘Live every moment, Laugh everyday, Love beyond words’. How lovely is that quote. I haven’t opened it yet, so I don’t even know if it smells nice haha.


Heart Shaped Bunting- Card Factory £3.99. A nice little thing to hang on the wall for decoration if you are maybe having a Valentine’s gathering, or just a pretty thing to hang on the wall all year round as a nice little reminder 🙂



I also made a video talking about all these items in a little more details, check it out below 🙂

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