No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

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I was lucky enough to be sent 2 of the latest members of the No7 Match Made family.

I did write a blog post before about another one of their other Match Made Matte foundations and how much I loved it. Well below are their new and improved range and I am already so happy with them.

Foundation light

This is a more lightweight version of the foundation, which can give you that lovely ‘No make up’ natural look. This is perfect for everyday make up, during the day time when you don’t want to look like you are wearing a lot of make up. (Well that’s when I wear it anyway).

It’s lightweight makes it feel as though you’re not wearing makeup at all. (RRP-£14.50)

Matt foundation

This is the fuller coverage version. It gives you that perfect, flawless finish which is my favourite. (RRP-£14.50)

Both foundations are Matte and Oil free, which for me is just a dream.

I can’t stand having a shiny looking face and with these you don’t really even need to use powder. I just use some colour correcting pearls (not full on powder like I used to), because I am overly fussy about not having a shiny face and for me my make up isn’t complete without some kind of powder or correcting pearls, mainly because that has been my routine for years. However, you may not need anything else over the top.

Foundation empty

No waste: This is my most favourite part of all, I actually get really happy when I think about it, as I have never had a previous foundation that does this.

The bottle has a base which raises as you pump out the foundation, it basically scrapes and raises any excess foundation around the sides to ensure you get every last drop of it. This is such a genius idea, as we have all been there when we reach the end of a bottle, we take the lid off and try manually scraping it from the sides. Sometimes I even used to put the bottles in the microwave to try and make it melt to the bottom so the pump could reach it! (Do not try that at home, I would NOT recommend it).

Anyway with these miraculous bottles you will never have to do that and it makes the foundation last for ages!

I am so happy with these and I would definitely recommend heading into Boots and having a Free consultation with one of the specialists. They will help you find the right match for your skin 🙂

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