Hair Dye Fail

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As we all know I have been Barbie blonde for a long time now, a year and a half almost. As most blondes know, the upkeep is unreal my hair especially. Compared to the very light hair, my roots seem ridiculously dark.

I have such sensitive skin that we had to stop using bleach on my roots a long time ago and use high lifting tints instead. Which made my hair colour very uneven to the point where some was ginger, some white and my roots black! This was not a good look at all. So I thought enough is enough.

Today my mum said she would make it darker for me, she only had one box of ‘Excellence Natural Ash Blonde’

Hair dye 1

Mum didn’t think it would cover all of my hair because it is so long and thick, but I didn’t want to go over to the shops to get another one… (lazy I know.)

Long story short, it didn’t cover all of my hair so mum was using water to try and make it go further and massaging it all over my head. I washed and dried it to see the results, it was SO Grey! It didn’t look good at all.

So like the speed of light, mum and I ran over to the shops because it’s a Sunday and the shops shut early, to get some more colours.

We got another ‘Natural Ash Blonde’ this time just to cover the roots because they were still dark and also a ‘Natural Beige Blonde’ for the length of the hair.

Hair dye 2

I’m going to cut the story short again… It turned a very odd colour. There are still lots of very grey parts, because trying to dye hair which has been bleached is not an easy process.

Here is what I currently look like (excuse the no make up).

Hair failHair fail 1

I don’t like it at all but lucky for me Grey hair is currently in fashion. I guess I will be running over the shops to get some more dye tomorrow! haha 😀

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. I don’t think it looks that bad it could absolutely look far worse!! Hair is so complicated I have had my ends bleached and pink and purple put through it (I am brown naturally) I love it but the upkeep of such bright colours is hard work but I have heard if I go back brown it could go green!!! Urgh why are things never simple for us eh!!


    1. Haha yeah to be fair it looks better in pictures and the first time when I had to run over the shops it was really really Grey! So bad.
      Girl problems! I feel your pain too, going from those bright colours to dark will probably be very hard. x


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