My 23rd Birthday

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It was my 23rd birthday yesterday (January 27th) and I had such a lovely day. First of all I met my friend Ellis, together we went to London to watch Matilda the Musical because I really wanted to see a musical this year. The show was very random but a lively fun show none the less.

Birthday matilda

Birthday 1

Before the show we went to a lovely American style diner, which served fantastic food and even better milkshake.


After a really fun day in London with my friend, it was time to go to my Nans house for a little tea party haha 😀


Whilst I was there I got to open my presents from my Mum and some cards from my Nan and Aunty.

I got some really nice things including some really cute Elsa and Anna dolls because I dress up as Elsa for children’s parties and my sister dresses up as Anna. I am not just a big kid! (Well, actually I am) lol 🙂

elsa and anname elsa and anname and nat jumoerma and nat jumper 1

It was a really lovely evening and I had a great time with my family ❤


I even got 2 cakes, so I was over the moon!!!

cakes 1

I had the best birthday so thank you to everyone who made it special xxx

Please have a look at my video below to see my full day…

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  1. Aww happy belated birthday!


    1. Thank you very much xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome x


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