Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters

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I first came across the Revoloution highlighter from another YouTuber who used it in one of her videos, she mentioned that the price of it was ONLY £3! That is unbelievably good value. It looked gorgeous on her so I wanted to try it out for myself, I first bought ‘Golden lights’ from Superdrug and went home and tried it.

I love the fact that it is a powder, I have only ever tried liquid or cream based highlighters. I find that the powder highlighter perfectly sits on top of makeup and gives a really beautiful glowing shimmer effect. As apposed to some liquid or cream sticks which can rub off your blusher or foundation.

Golden lightsGolden lights 2Golden lights 3Golden lights 4

The photos above are of the shade golden lights, I use this on the highest points of my cheeks, the arch of my brow & on my cupids bow.

To see me wear this please check out the video below of my ‘Everyday Makeup Routine’

I loved this highlighter a lot so I rushed back to Superdrug to get it in a different colour. This time ‘Pink lights’.

Pink lightsPink lights 2Pink lights 3Pink lights 4

I figured I would also like this shade as I always wear a pink blusher and the pink highlighter would really compliment it.

I do really like this highlighter however, when I use it I only put it on my cheek bones and not on my brow bone and cupids bow, as I feel the pinky shade looks a bit odd under your brows, that’s just my opinion, it might look great on you.

For £3 though, you can’t go wrong and I would recommend these highlighters for sure. As you saw I use one of them every single day for my everyday makeup routine.

Let me know if you do go out and buy them, I would love to know your thoughts on them too 🙂

Thank you for reading and speak to you soon x

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