Winter Lookbook 2016

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Last week I filmed my very first look book, which just so happens to be a winter look book because of the time of year.

It’s really funny because the video is all edited and up on my YouTube channel now and it is only 2.5 minutes long but it took over 4 days to film and edit it. Which sounds bonkers but travelling to different locations and changing outfits etc takes a long time. Especially with these short days, we lose daylight very quickly.

My sister came along with me each day and filmed, on the first day my mum came along also and took a few photos.

You will notice that most of my clothes are from New Look, this was unintentional I just absolutely love that shop and all of their clothes. I am probably their biggest fan haha.

So here are my outfits…


Outfit 1:


Hat- Newlook. I absolutely love this hat so much, I think it is such a statement accessory and really finishes off a look.

Black Long Sleeve turtle neck- Newlook. These are perfect for the winter, the high neck keeps your neck warm which means you don’t have to wear a scarf. It isn’t a jumper but feels just as warm as one.

Camel colour A line skirt- H&M. I have wanted one of these skirts for a long time and searched high and low to find one in my size. I love the colour and think it looks very smart and stylish at the same time.

Tights- Newlook. Not much to say about tights other than they are lovely, soft and warm too.

Boots- Primark. These are so comfy and easy to walk in. I was never keen on heeled boots before now I love them.


Outfit 2:Look book poncho

Look book poncho 1

Poncho- Newlook. This is just the perfect winter coat. I love the fur trim and the overall look. I know Christmas is over now, but before Christmas I felt like a Christmas angel haha 🙂

Bag- Zara. This is actually my everyday bag, I really like the white theme, it makes me feel bright and happy.

Leggings-Primark. These are amazing, the whole of the inside is fleece lined and they are the warmest leggings I have ever tried.


Outfit 3:

Lookbook on top of treeLook book on top of tree

Long Sleeve Camel turtle neck- Newlook. This one is made of lighter material and does crease a lot easier.

Skirt- Newlook. This skirt is great as it can be made casual or dressy. A multi use skirt, what’s not to love.

Boots- Primark. When I saw these in the shop I had to get them straight away. They are fluffy on the inside around the ankle which keeps them nice and warm. They look a little like Timberland’s but of course a lot cheaper and actually I think they look even better.


Outfit 4:

Look book leatherLook book shoes

White Leather Jacket- Newlook. Going with the white theme again, I got this leather jacket which is surprisingly warm. One reason for this is that it has that huge fur trim around the neck which keeps you nice and snug.

Cream Bow Tassel Front Loafers- Newlook. Formal or informal, these are very comfy shoes. However, my feet were freezing. Think I better hold on to them until spring.


Outfit 5:

Look book party

Look book sparkly shoes.jpeg

Jumper- H&M. Glitter  is one of my favourite things ever. So I couldn’t turn down this winter style party season jumper.

Boots- Newlook. Possibly my favourite shoes in the world. I love these boots so much. I wore them to my staff party around Christmas time and everyone commented on them saying how gorgeous they are, many even thought they were designer.


They are my 5 winter looks. I had a lot of fun filming it, apart from the fact it was FREEZING!!! I’m looking forward to making lots more of these, in the spring and summer. So please keep an eye out.

Below is my video of all the outfits in my Winter Lookbook. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. venuseudora says:

    love this look! 🙂


  2. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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