January Sales Christmas Decorations

As you probably know by now Karl & I are planning on moving out this year… very exciting I know.

So I have been thinking way ahead to Christmas next year and decided to go out in the sales and buy some Christmas decorations. Check out what we got, it’s making me soo excited 🙂

For the Tree I really want to have a Pink and Silvery theme, I think that would look beautiful, especially as Pink is my FAVOURITE colour 🙂


Crackers, just incase we hold Christmas day at our house. A bit of an unintentional Gold theme going on here, I just thought they looked really classy.


A few other random bits. A very cosy Christmassy wall canvas painting, which lights up and keeps changing colour.

A side ornament, which lights up and has a little train going round and around.

A frame saying ‘Santa & Me’ which has a photo of me and my sister with the real Father Christmas, from when we worked at Lapland UK. (Of course the photo didn’t come with it, that would have been a coincidence haha)


Christmas candles… I LOVE candles, so when I saw these they were a must have!

The first photo, is a 3 tier diagonal tea light set (or what ever it is called). The tea lights sit behind the reindeer and in real life it just looks so warm and lovely.


These next items, although they are meant for Christmas, I think I will have them out all year round as they are just really pretty and will be nice added extras to make the place feel homely.


Those are all the items I have got so far and I am so happy with them. I will be on the hunt for many more items for our first house, although next time they won’t be Christmas themed 🙂

Thank you guys for reading, please continue to follow my journey 🙂

Love Annie x

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