New Years Resolutions

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Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you all had a crazy New Years Eve haha, or a nice relaxing one, regardless I hope you enjoyed yourself.

I never usually give myself New Years resolutions because lets be honest does anyone ever stick to ‘eating less chocolate’ or ‘exercising more’ etc… because I don’t, that’s for sure!

However there are some things that I really do want to change, so here goes:

Practicing my guitar more

I got my guitar for my 21st birthday & this January I will be coming up to 23. Considering I have almost had it 2 years, I am nowhere near as good as I should be. My aim is to practice it for at least 30 minutes everyday! I have already practiced for around an hour today…so far so good. Just need to keep it up 🙂

Ny guitar 1

Ny guitar

Stay Positive

I like to think of myself as a very positive person, I always look on the bright side and try to help others feel positive too.

I have mentioned the book ‘The Secret’ quite a lot now and if you haven’t read it yet, it’s an absolute must read. It changes the way you think for the better. The mind is a very powerful thing which attracts good or bad things depending on your thought process. The book teaches you to stay positive and you will attract only the good.


‘The Secret’ also talks about meditation. I follow a lot of ‘Positive’ accounts on Twitter & they always talk about how great meditation is. 

This is something I did try to do a long time ago whilst I was reading the book, but I felt a bit silly and am very easily distracted, so couldn’t quite grasp the concept.

Ny meditate

People who practice meditation in there everyday life swear by it, saying that it really calms them down and helps them to unwind. As humans we are always ‘so busy’ rushing around doing this and that, we never truly allow ourselves time to unwind. I am going to try to meditate each day, even if it is only for 10 minutes. They say it is best to wear comfortable clothes and try to have a calm atmosphere, I will light candles because I absolutely love them at the moment. I find them so soothing and relaxing.

Ny candle


I want to be very productive this year, I often have a lot of spare time where I am sitting at home doing nothing. It is very easy to procrastinate, I often find myself scrolling through Twitter or Facebook just wasting time. If I am not doing anything, I aim to be reading, practicing the guitar, making YouTube videos, writing blogs, looking for houses… anything that isn’t just wasting time. 


Stay Crazy

I am not normal that’s for sure. They say all the best people are crazy, it’s what keeps them sane. A girl I used to work with always called me her ‘Little ray of sunshine’ because she said I brought happiness and fun to a dull workplace. That in itself makes me happy, knowing I am making at least one other person happy with my craziness and I aim to keep that up! 🙂

Ny heart

Those are plenty to be getting on with for now. I really am motivated to keep them up, so hopefully this time next year I will be a very successful positive person, who can play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix & meditate each night haha.

Well I’m off now to read my book, what were your New Years Resolutions?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Love Annie x

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