How am I still not ready for Christmas

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I am a little bit behind this year. The only presents I have wrapped are my boyfriends, I am yet to buy for my sister and Dad! Oooppssy.

We have such a big family (Aunties, cousins etc) that we have come up with a much better way to manage all the present buying. It became too expensive to buy for everyone each year, that they came up with the genius idea of Secret Santa. This way we all spend a certain amount on just one member of the family. There is a fantastic website called  This is great when there are too many of you to all try to get together at one time. One person adds everyones email addresses and you receive an email asking you to confirm, once everyone on the list confirms, it automatically draws a name for you. It gives you the option to add a wishlist and anonymously  write to the person you are buying for.

I think it is such a fantastic website and has come in super hand for our family.

I am off to try and buy my dad a present. Men are always hard to buy for in my opinion. Unless they give you a specific list I have no idea what to buy them.

How have I left it so last minute LOL

P.S I wrote this 2 days ago and forgot to post) haha what am I like!

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