No7 Foundation & Concealer

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No7 foundation and concealer

I am one of the typical girls who got to the teenage years and had no idea which foundation- or make up in general to buy. Everyone else was wearing it so obviously I had to aswell! haha. So I would just go into my local drug store or market and buy a cheap one which would do the job. I would always be too orange or my pale neck wouldn’t match my face…all sorts. I can’t even look at old photos as it’s just so embarrassing!

Once I got out of the orange phase and realised it didn’t look good, I thought would rather be pale, so I would get the lighter shade. It turns out the lighter shade is too pale and the darker shade is too orange. So I came up with the genius idea of buying the lighter shade and powdering and bronzer-(ing) up… this works until someone takes a photo with a flash! lol 😀

Enough was enough, I was in Boots just browsing (I’m a little bit obsessed with the shop at the moment-especially with their 3 for 2 offer) when I asked a lady at the No7 counter about their concealers and whilst I was there I would take a look at the foundation.

She had a special little gadget that she holds close to your face and matches your skin colour to one of their foundations. (Their Match Made foundation service) I cannot believe I hadn’t heard of this sooner, it would have saved me from all those years of dodgy face colour.

Turns out I am ‘Cool Vanilla

No7 colour

I asked for the matte version as I can’t stand having a shiny face, unless I have put highlighter on my cheekbones. I honestly couldn’t believe how flawless it made me look AND without the use of any powder. (That’s madness, I always have to use powder.)

No7 foundation

After that, we tried the concealer. I wanted one for the dark circles underneath my eyes.

The lady came back with No7 Instant Radiance Concealer – colour 10.

It is a liquid concealer with a little brush at one end to apply it, the other end has a button which you press to release the liquid. (It’s a very thick liquid, incase you are imagining something like water. It’s more like a foundation.)

Anyway, she applied this underneath my eyes after the foundation, then blended it in with a brush. My face looked great…(if I do say so myself) haha. I kept looking in the mirror wishing I had found this sooner, even my mum said how good it looked on me.

No7 concealer

Moral of the story – always get the right shade foundation it makes you look and feel 100% better.

Thank you so much No7 foundation and concealer…you are a life saver!!! 🙂

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