Avon Make Up Haul

Avon full make up 2

Look at all the fabulous new Avon make up I have got, I honestly love each and every single item. Each of them can be used for different occasions for instance, natural day make up or clubbing/night out look.

Avon lipsticks 2

Avon lipsticks

Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick… where do I begin. Lipstick is currently my favourite part of make up, it really is the finishing touch to your face and the factor that can make you really stand out or just blend in.

In a previous blog I mentioned I bought a matte lipstick for the first time and fell in love with it. Well look, now I have 3 new matte colours to choose from. The one in particular that stood out to me was the ‘Ravishing Rose’ colour. Red doesn’t usually suit me for some reason and I feel a bit uncomfortable wearing it unless it’s on the stage. This particular colour looks beautiful on and actually goes with my skin tone really well which I’m very happy about indeed. (Time to buy some red outfits to match it!)Avon lip tint

Lip Tint Pen- I had never tried one of these pens before so wasn’t really sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I first tried it when I didn’t have any make up on. Without make up, my lips don’t really stand out at all. When I put this on, it instantly added colour to them without it being too obvious. What I thought was great, was if you were having a natural no make up day but wanted your lips to look like they had a little bit of life in them, this is the perfect product. Of course the more you put on the deeper and bolder the colour.

My favourite part of the lip tint pen, is the fact it stays on for such a long period of time. Unlike lipsticks which can wear off whilst eating, drinking or generally licking you lips. The tint sits deeper into the skin and will last for hours! (Hooray!)

Avon lipgloss

Lip Gloss – Well everyone pretty much knows what lip gloss is and if you don’t… why not! This is a beautiful glittery colour which is perfect for a night on the town 🙂

Avon bronzer

Blush & Bronze Trio- This little compact is ideal for carrying around in your handbag. It creates easy contour and highlights with a beautiful blush finish. All that from one little circle. (It’s genius I tell you!)

Avon eye shadow

True Colour Eyeshadow Quad (Warm Sunrise)– As you can see from the photo this is a 4 in one palette. Each section goes on a specific area of your eye to create a seductive smokey eye look. A light layer of this can be worn for day to day life, for work, college, out shopping etc. For the evening, a thicker layer can really make your eyes stand out from the crowd.

Avon eyeliner

Double Ended Kajalstick – A Kajal stick is basically a pencil eyeliner. This one has a different colour on each end. A warm golden colour one side and an emerald green the other. The green is such a gorgeous stand out colour, I like to put the green on my upper lash line and water line.

The golden is just delightful too 🙂 I do enjoy a golden and brown eyeshadow on my eyes, so topping it of with the golden eyeliner on my lower lash line (or both) really makes it for me.

Avon mascara

Super Extend Winged Out Mascara – For me this is more of a day time mascara, as it is quite light and not very thick. Of course you can leave it to dry a little and add extra coats to thicken it up, but I still can’t get that false lash effect. That doesn’t matter though as I usually have different mascaras for different occasions. This one being my new everyday day time mascara.

Avon eyebrows (1)Glimmerstick Brow Definer – Last but not least the brow definer. This one is actually a little too dark for my hair colour, my hair is very blonde! hehe I still make it work though. This is pretty much a pencil but without the need to sharpen it (Phew, I never have a sharpener to hand when I need one!) You just need to twist the bottom out to extend it once you have worn it down.

This shapes your brows and colours in sparse areas to create the perfect arched brow. This is always my aim, as I have such plain, boring, rounded brows which need all the help they can get. This did help me to give them a better arched shape, I just need a slightly lighter shade. For any dark haired girls out there… this is for you!

That’s all for now folks but take a look at my video below to see how I apply the makeup and show you each product up close.

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