Lush- Bubblegum Lip Scrub | Review

Lush-lip scrub 4 Lush-lip scrub 2

I recently bought Lush’s lip scrub after long deliberation on whether this little pot was worth £5.50.

I went in Lush the other day to check out all their products, you can spend a lot of time in there just touching and smelling everything because it all looks good enough to eat!

I found myself trying out each flavour lip scrub to see which was nicest, I liked the Bubblegum flavour but there were 3 others to choose from. I asked the lady in the shop if she had one and liked it, of course she did. It was only once I got home I realised I had sugar all round my mouth from trying them out! (How embarrassing!) So make sure you lick your lips after or have a mirror close by.

They are all edible as they are made of just Caster sugar, oil, colour and flavour which makes it super yummy. However, this makes me think it is awfully over priced for the ingredients that go into it. Then again, I wouldn’t fancy carrying actual sugar sachets around with me and the Lush pot is really cute, so I will let them off 🙂

Lush-lip scrub

The scrub itself is really nice as it’s not too harsh that it hurts you lips but exfoliates just the right amount to leave your lips kissable and soft.

Another thing I like was the fact they actually filled the pot right to the top, other brands only fill pots halfway… who wants that! I’m sure it will last months as you only need to use a tiny bit each time, but I will keep you posted.

Lush-lip scrub 3

I am very happy with my purchase, it smells and tastes delightful. Have you got any yourself? What’s your favourite flavour?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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