Real Techniques Brushes | Review

RT brushes

In the past I never thought good make up brushes were essential, I just thought they all did the same thing and that it was silly to spend lots of money on something that applies the make up. After all you can just use your fingers to apply concealer, foundation and eyeshadow…Oh but how I was wrong.

I would see photos and videos of other girls make up and wonder why theirs looked so flawless and bright when mine just looked a bit plain!

I have come to the recent conclusion that professional make up brushes can really make you look a lot better. So I began to do my research on which ones are good quality. One brand in particular kept popping up, that was of course ‘Real Techniques’.

It was now my turn to try them out and see what all the fuss was about.

They are a little more expensive than the average make up brush, however Boots and Superdrug often have 3 for 2 offers, which makes is so worth it!

I bought 5 different brushes: Stippling, Sculpting, Essential Foundation, Domed Shadow and the Multi task brush.

RT brushes 2

The right 3 brushes also came with this handy little case which luckily for me could fit 2 more in, this makes it a lot easier when transporting around in your handbag.

I personally think they look really pretty too, they come in very girly colours.

The Essential Foundation Brush

RT foundation brush

This pretty much does what is says in the title, it applies foundation evenly leaving it feeling so soft and smooth. Other brands often leave your face with lines from the brush hairs, however this one does not which is a real bonus!

The Multi Task Brush

RT powder brush

I will almost always use this as a powder brush. It’s thick design makes is quick and easy to cover your full face leaving it with a matte finish, which is a must have for me. I can’t stand having a greasy face! This multi task brush can also be used for blusher or bronzer.

The Sculpting Brush

RT blusher brush

This is my new bronzer/blusher brush. One sweep of the blusher and your good to go. Unlike previous brushes I have had where you have to swish it round in circles just for it to pick up a bit of the powder colour. It applies it evenly to your to your cheeks bones, so no need to worry about it being patchy or darker in places.

It is actually meant to be used as a contour brush, it’s angled head is perfect to create defined contours, so I will probably use it for that also 🙂

The Domed Shadow Brush

RT concealer brush

This is basically an eyeshadow brush. The shape of it allows it to cover the whole eye lid with ease, especially for creating the base layer which absorbs any oil on the eyelid to then blend the next colour. I also use this brush to bend all colours together at the end so as they don’t look so harsh.

The Stippling Brush

RT Stippling brush

This is a dual-fiber brush which I mainly like to use for highlighter on my cheeks. You dab the highlighter on with your fingers then press the brush onto you cheekbones where you want it mainly highlighted. It is a brilliant brush because of the long fine ends, it doesn’t interfere with any of the previous make up you have put on. This brush can also be used to apply foundation. (There’s no end to its talent)

Those are all the brushes I have got for now but I am so pleased with each and every one of them that I can’t wait to get some more to try out, especially their Bold Metals Collection. (I think I am becoming a little bit obsessed) haha

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