Make Up Haul

All make up

This is all the fabulous new make up I bought recently and I am over the moon with all of it.

Soap & glory  Soap & glory 1

Above are all my Soap & Glory purchases.

Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar- this is a 4 in one shaping kit. It includes clear fix wax, powder for shaping and a highlighter for underneath your brows. It also comes with some little brushes to apply it all with. The instructions let you know which one each is for. I have used this and for someone who has really awful shaped eyebrows, they made them look great and arched just as I wanted them to. A* for this product, I am so happy as I have never found an eyebrow shaping kit before that truly works for me.

Hocus Focus Highlighter/Illuminator- This is a product I have seen recommended by other girls who said it was fantastic.

One of the reasons this is so popular is because of the colour, it’s not too pink or too gold. It is a really natural looking colour that isn’t too obvious when you are wearing it. If you did want it to stand out more, just add a second layer… this worked for me 🙂

Love At First Blush- Firstly.. what a beautiful colour wheel. A mix of dark pink, light pink and cream, which once mixed together make a lovely blend of natural blush for your cheeks. The only thing with this is that the compact mirror isn’t very clear, it is a little bit blurry, so I would suggest using the Brow bar mirror or keeping another mirror in your make up bag.

Lipstick  Lipstick 2

Lipstick- I absolutely love my lipstick recently, without it I feel so plain and dull. I keep trying out new colours to see which ones suit me best or suit which ever outfit I may be wearing.

Avon- Untamed Heart: This is a fantastic Autumn lipstick, perfect for everyday and going out. It has a little shine to it also and keeps your lips hydrated without them feeling dry. I often wear this lipstick for just daily life.

Barry M-50(Bright Pink): Wow is all I can say for this one, it is so bright you stand out a mile! It’s perfect for the stage because it is such an eye catching colour that the audience will be able to see it in the back row. It also stays on for a long time which is what I like in a lipstick. Sometimes you aren’t able to keep reapplying so need something that will just stay on for a long period of time, this particular lipstick really does stay on for a long time 🙂

Avon- Matte Grape: This one again stands out a lot. Even though it looks very similar to the Untamed heart on the stick, once it is on your lips it is a lot darker. It is a matte colour which means no shine at all. For some reason I really like the matte look, I feel it stands out a lot more than the usual shine lipstick. However, I probably wouldn’t wear this colour everyday as it is very bold.. For me it’s more for special occasions or for the stage.

Eyeshadow palet

Saffron London – Eye shadow: Look at all these fantastic colours. The top palette I use for daily make up, using natural looking gold or brown mixed colours.

The super colourful pallette I use for childrens parties. At children’s parties you have to look as bright and colourful as you can. When I saw this in the shop I absoloutely had to get it, it has every colour I could possibly need and has already come in so handy!

Hooray for all my new make up products they are all brilliant. I am so happy with all of them 😀

Here is my video showing you all the new make up, enjoy….

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