Madam Tussauds

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Mt royal

I went to Madame Tussauds the other day with my sister, luckily enough we have annual passes so we get to go to lots of different Merlin attractions whenever we like which is great!

I hadn’t been to Madame Tussauds since I was a little kids so was really eager to go, as so many new wax figures are there now.

Mt Tom Daley       Mt elvis

We went just as the children went back to school after their summer holidays so it wasn’t very busy, if your planning to go, definitely go on a weekday during term time to avoid too many crowds as it can get quite busy.

When we first walked in, there were lots of statues in the first room, some of them look so life like you had to look twice. Someone was taking a photo of a waxwork and I quickly grabbed my sister out of the way so as not to ruin the photo, it turns out the photographer was a wax work too! It got very confusing at times haha

Mt Kim k       Mt marylin

We saw actors, actresses, singers, politicians, geniuses and athletes. They had lots of different rooms with each category of people in, for instance all the singers were in one room, world leaders were in another etc. You are able to film and take photos with all of the waxworks, which are all to scale of the actual size and height of each person. I liked seeing how tall everyone was because you can’t really tell when you see them on TV.

Mt boris and david        Mt Obama

They also had a scary dungeon room which had live actors in it trying to scare you at every turn, it took you through an old prison and you saw wax figures of people beheaded, electric chairs and other horrible things, children under 12 aren’t allowed in there and I can see why.

Right at the end they had the biggest 4D cinema I have ever seen, which was all about super heros saving London. The screen was a massive dome which went all around you and on the ceiling too, it really was an all round effect. The seats moved, you got sprayed with water, things flew out the screen at you. It really was a fantastic 4D cinema.

Mt hulk

My whole experience at Madame Tussauds was superb and I would definitely recommend taking a trip there. They are forever adding new celebrities which are always well worth seeing. I look forward to going again 🙂

Check out my video below to see my whole experience…

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