Horse Riding

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I went horse riding the other day, it was a lot of fun!

I was making a new presenter showreel and I wanted horse riding to be a part of it (something different) so I asked my friend Maddy if I could have a go on her horse 🙂

So off I went to the stables. The horse was called Rummy and she was a lovely brown colour with a blonde mane and tail.

First of all we brushed her down to get rid of any dirt and to detangle her tail.

Brushing horse Horse brush 1

Then Maddy put the saddle on her and all the other necessary things. We the walked her to an outdoor arena which we were going to use to ride Rummy.

Maddy got on her first to warm her up a little bit, then it was my go. The horse was petty tall so the stirrups were very high up, I had to put my feet into them in order to get onto the horse, so you needed to be flexible enough to get your leg that high. Once your foot is in the stirrup you have to hoist yourself over the horse to a sitting position.

Getting on the horse  Climbing horse

Once I was on Rummy, Maddy started to adjust the saddle and straps so everything was tight and fit correctly.

Boot strap

It was time to go for a little walk, once I got comfortable with that we began to trot. Trotting is very bouncy haha It was scary because I was only holding onto the saddle but it was so much fun!

I really enjoyed Horse riding and would definitely go again 🙂 Rummy was a really lovely and beautiful horse.

Horse funny  Rummy

Check out my video below for my whole experience, hope you like it!

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