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Hello again everybody 🙂

A lot of you who know me will know I would very much love to become a children’s TV presenter. I have always worked with children, I host children’s parties, do Pantos and am currently doing an all singing all dancing children’s show at Legoland.

The reason I started Vlogging in the first place was to gain more confidence and fluency in front of the camera and also to entertain my viewers.

I started working on my channel at the beginning of the year and now have lots of followers and subscribers which is amazing. Lots of people watching me being silly and having fun in my videos.

What I love is that viewers are now suggesting videos which they would like to see me do, which is great, they have really taken an interest in my channel which is what it’s all about.

I have put a little showreel together to hopefully gain some views and interest. I really hope you guys enjoy it.

Don’t forget to let me know if you would like to suggest a topic for my next video 🙂

Check out my showreel below… enjoy x

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Love Annie x

Annie Quinn

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