August Monthly Favourites

Welcome to my first monthly favourites, I am very excited to tell you all what I have enjoyed most this month.

First things first: My deodorant! This is actually one of my lifetime favourite things. I first found out about Mitchum when I was a teenager doing Gymnastics. Gymnastics is one of the most hardcore sports ever, so I needed a good deodorant and one of the girls told me about Mitchum and here I am about 8 years later and I still love the stuff. I use the Powder fresh smell 🙂


Secondly: My tangle teaser. This has got to be one of the greatest hair brushes ever invented, especially for long thick hair. It’s the only hairbrush that will get through my hair.

Tangle teaser

Thirdly: My telephone wire hairband. What a godsend that is, for instance if you have your hair up then want to take it down later that same day. It leaves your hair smooth with no kinks at all. It’s genius I tell you! I got mine from Claire’s Accessories, it came in a 3 pack of different colours.

Wire hairband

Next up: Touch of Silver shampoo- This is specifically for blondes who need to keep the colour vibrant, it also helps to tone down any gingery parts of the hair that may have gone a bit off colour! lol


Perfume: Davidoff- Cool Water. This is my favourite perfume at the moment, I think it is even better in the summer as it is such a cool refreshing smell. I like this one a lot.


Sun Cream- The one I use, I have been using for over a year now. I have very sensitive fair skin, so I need a good factor 30 to stop me burning. I found ‘The Sun Mousse’ this is a mousse the sinks deep into your skin which lasts far longer than the usual sun cream, even after going swimming. However, still do reapply every few hours.

Sun cream

Pajamas: For the past year and a half I have had the same old winter fluffy pajamas. These are way to hot in the summer, so I went in search for some new summer pjs. In H&M I found the cutest pair of Mickey Mouse ones, I am such a huge Disney fan so they were perfect for me.


Wellies: It is supposed to be summer but it really has been more like autumn with the amount of rain we have had! So I had to go and buy myself a pair of wellies. I have wanted a pair for ages and just happened to be shopping in Matalan when I saw the cutest pair of baby pink ones. Then I saw they were on sale for just £4… I couldn’t believe my eyes and whipped them up very quickly. They have already come in super handy!!


Thanks for reading my blog guys, there is also a link to the video version below… enjoy 🙂

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Love Annie x

Annie Quinn

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