It’s not all glam

no business like show business

I love being a performer so much, it has got to be one of the best jobs in the world, doing what you love. It’s not really like a job, more like having a lot of fun all the time.

Sometimes you do have to question ‘Why do I enjoy this?’ The rehearsals leading up to any show are very intense. You usually only get a couple of weeks rehearsal… a month if your lucky. That is to learn a whole show, lots of dances, songs and lines (if you have them).

Rehearsals are always a lot harder than the show itself, as you can literally rehearse for hours on end everyday in order to get the show ready in the very short time that’s scheduled. Which means lack of sleep and a lot of extra vitamins needed. haha

Then it all gets very exciting as you draw nearer to opening night, you have dress rehearsals and technical rehearsals. If you are not a performer and have never done a technical rehearsal before, it has got to be one of the most tedious things you could ever imagine! You spend an entire day going through the show at a snails pace so as they can get all the lighting and sound correct. Don’t get me wrong it’s a very important rehearsal but my god it’s dull.

Then it’s show time wahooo 🙂

After day one the directors/producers watch it, then more often than not decide things need changing. So you often spend the first week making changes- so much to remember. Not forgetting lots of sweaty quick changes mmm…

Recently I have been doing an outdoor show, something I have never done before. I should have realised that we live in England and although it should be ‘summer’ it is more often than not cold and raining. Never the less- the show must go on! So there we are dancing in the rain, hair and costumes dripping wet, make up smudged and looking a mess. It is so funny. I feel sorry for the poor audience sitting there watching us.

People always think show business is very glamours at all times… but I can assure you it definitely isn’t. All this being said I love my job, especially at the moment as you never know whats going to happen and everyday is different. So I wouldn’t change being a performer for the world and I hope to continue onto lots more exciting jobs.

If you’re thinking of having a career in show business just be warned it’s not all glam, it is a lot of hard work!!

Me and james

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Love Annie x

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