The Help Movie- Review


In one of my previous blogs I spoke about how I had read the book ‘The Help’ and how I truly thought it was a wonderful read. Once I heard there was a film too I just had to watch it.

The movie had some big names starring in it such as:  Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard and Allison Janney. It was actually a really good film which took you an an emotional journey throughout. The actors portrayed the characters just as they are described in the book which I liked, I think it was very well cast.

Of course with any film based on a book, they miss out loads. This is understandable as they only have a short time frame in which to get the story across, I feel they did that as best they could and for someone who hasn’t read the book, they can easily grasp whats going on with each character, just not in huge depths.

All in all the film was good however the book is a million times better in my opinion. They did skip over a few vital points in the film which again is logical due to the time constraint.

If ever a book has been written and then turned into a movie, always read the book first. It explains a lot more of each characters background and helps you to know why they act in the way they do. You get a much better understanding of what the writer wants you as a reader to know.

Don’t just take my word for it… Check out the book and the movie. I’d love to know what you think 🙂

Thanks for reading

Love Annie x

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