Dads Birthday

It was dad’s big birthday approaching so my sister Nat and I decided we should do something special, we wanted to have a surprise party. Every Wednesday night we go to an open mic night where everyone knows each other and are all friends. His real birthday was on the Sunday but we thought it would be too obvious if we held a surprise party that day.

We got balloons, banners, birthday cake, BBQ food and were ready to go. On the Wednesday we got to the club really early to set up and we only had 2 balloon weights so we had to improvise and attached the rest of the balloons to little empty drink bottles, it worked just as well 🙂

We also invited some of dads friends who he hadn’t seen for a long time and got everyone to get there before he did.

We went to pick dad up at the usual time we would go to open mic night and just strolled in casually as if it was just any other night, then when dad walked through the door everyone popped party poppers and cheered. He had no idea… it was brilliant.

It was a rocking night and everyone enjoyed themselves….. Success!!

After we went back to Kens for a midnight BBQ because we are crazy haha it couldn’t have gone much better 🙂

dad laughing on mic dad cake

For dads real birthday we went to a lovely restaurant called The Kingfisher where we all had the most beautiful roast dinners, I would definitely recommend eating there.

We had already eaten his birthday cake from Wednesday so I said I would bake him one myself. When I tried to bake it, I didn’t have the right equipment to make one with, also mum turned off the oven half way through therefore I had to do the best that I could in this situation and make a half cake! LOL Take a look…

half cake

Tasted good though!

That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading. Check out dads surprise party video below.

Love Annie x

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