‘The Help’- Book Review

I read the book ‘The Help’ a couple of months ago, the book had been passed around my family and then finally to me. I absolutely love reading especially when it’s a really gripping story. I usually ask friends and family to recommend books they like as I like to know it is worth the read.

So I started this one and immediately liked it because the first chapter had been written in a Southern American accent, therefore when you are reading you are hearing the accent in your head which really helps you get a feel for the character. The Southern American accent is my favourite accent ever, when I’m not being English I’ll try to act as if I’m from Oklahoma! haha

The basic story line is about black maids in the 1960’s bringing up white babies. You follow the lives of several maids, hearing how each family is very different, some nice to work for, others not so great. You also follow the story of the white rich ladies who very much look down on the maids except for a couple. When the rich white ladies are talking the text is no longer spelled in the Southern accent so it is very easy to distinguish who is speaking.

The black community aren’t treated very nicely by the white people and everyone is getting sick of it. Whilst most of the maids are too afraid to step out of line, others decide it’s gone too far and they need to make a stand.

So they join together with the most unlikely of people and do something very special which gets the whole town talking. They get themselves mixed up in some sticky situations but somehow it all works out- sort of.

Another thing I like, is that every couple of chapters is written from the point of view of a different character, instead of the story being narrated by one character you get to hear the inside story of both the maids and white ladies.

I couldn’t put this book down, I wanted to keep reading and reading. When I got to the end I just wanted to know more, which is the mark of a well written book.

‘The Help’ was written by Kathryn Stockett- She herself was brought up by a black maid who she adored. Whilst ‘The Help’ is a fiction book, a lot of the characteristics of each different maid were very much based on her own maid Demetrie. I found this information very interesting and enjoyed the book even more knowing that it had been based upon a first hand experience of growing up with a maid looking after you.

It has also been made into a Movie which I hope to watch soon, although from my experience of reading books then watching the film, the film is always a disappointment. Books are always better to read as they give you much more background knowledge and in-depth explanations behind each characters actions. However I haven’t seen the movie and it might surprise me 🙂

If you haven’t read ‘The Help’ go out and get it, it’s a really wonderful read.

Thanks for reading

Love Annie x

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