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Hello everyone,

In my last blog post I told you all about my guitar and my lessons. I hope to keep you updated on my progress and all my other day to day events.

Since my last lesson I have mainly been working on finger stretches, I don’t have particularly small hands but to stretch them the way you need to when playing certain chords on the guitar is extremely difficult. ‘Justin Guitar’ has lots of different exercises to help improve this but they must be done daily. I seem to be getting better and better every day. As my fingers are getting used to stretching, it is gradually getting easier for me.

The other thing I’m struggling with is the pain in my finger tips from pushing down so hard on the strings. At the moment I can’t play for very long because it hurts my fingers too much, that’s another reason I need to pick it up every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. My finger tips will hopefully become hard and more durable.

Plectrums- why are these so small and thin! I have bought about 10 now and can’t find a single one of them haha I think I need to stock up and buy a little box for them to stick to the end of my guitar. Plectrums come in all different thicknesses and textures, as I’m a beginner I like using the soft ones which are pretty bendy and move nicely across the neck of the guitar whilst strumming… Time to check out eBay and bulk buy.

I am currently working on the song- Stuck in the middle with you, ‘Justin’ usually advises you on which strumming pattern to use in his lessons. He will always show a very basic one to start off with, then show you a more interesting pattern which is as close to the original song as possible. For this song, the strumming pattern is different to any I have ever used before and I am finding it a little bit tricky to get right. Once I have mastered that I just need to add the vocals which is actually a lot harder than it seems especially with a tricky strumming pattern.

I really like the song ‘Stuck in the middle with you’. I can’t wait until I have perfected it and I will show you a video of me singing and playing 🙂

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Love Annie x

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