Guitar Lessons

Just before my 21st birthday my Aunty and I started doing guitar lessons. I only had an old kiddie guitar from when my sister had it in primary school, which wasn’t ideal to learn on. 

I started looking for guitars online but whilst out shopping in ‘Daniel’ one day I saw the most beautiful white guitar hanging up in the music section. I took a picture of it just to show people but started looking elsewhere as it was a bit out of my budget.

I was so eager to get one and began doing a lot of research. When all of a sudden my Aunty Theresa came round my house with the actual white guitar from ‘Daniel’ for my 21st birthday present. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy to actually have the one I really wanted. I love it so much!

We started our guitar lessons again, much better this time as I had an actual adult size guitar! We use Justin Guitar, he is an online teacher with his own website and lots of YouTube videos, he also has lots of music books full of lessons, explanations and songs. The lessons range all the way from beginner to expert. We love Justin because he makes us laugh, he always comments on how he isn’t a great singer but in his videos he always starts off singing the song so as the viewers can see what it’s supposed to sound like. He really gets into it and gives it his all, he is very likeable so I would definitely recommend him if you are thinking of learning to play guitar.

Anyway, we started having lessons weekly and progressed to learning quite a lot of the chords and some basic songs. Then for some reason we just didn’t practice anymore. This was such a shame because I remember how much I wanted that guitar for my birthday and how I wanted to really learn to become a good player. Now I am determined to be able to play it well.

So we met up this week for a lesson and will continue to do so. Hopefully in a couple of weeks/months I can post some videos of us playing and singing. 🙂

For now I will keep you posted on my progress until I am a total Rockstar!!! haha

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Speak soon

Love Annie x

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