Which make up to buy?

There is so much choice these days with everything and anything we never know what to choose. Especially with make up, there are hundreds of different brands, some very expensive & some actually pretty cheap.

I will be telling you my experience with getting the best deals on make up.

Every girl loves make up, so much so, you begin to feel very odd when you don’t wear any. Reason being, people get so familiar with seeing you wearing make up, that when you decide to have a day off, they question whether you’re ill! Erm… no, clearly just ugly haha

So in order to avoid awkward situations like that, I will be sharing with you which make up I use 🙂

I always start with a good foundation, I do lots of dancing so need a good base which will stay on even when getting hot and sweaty…(nice).  I use Rimmels’ ‘Wake me up’ foundation which is supposed to brighten skin, includes vitamin C and has an SPF 15. I started using it because it was on offer in Asda for £5 and instantly loved it. My mum tried it after and now it is both of our daily foundations.

I have said before how much I use Rimmel products, they are just a brand which I know are good, usually in Boots and Superdrug they have 3 for 2 mix and match deal. I try to get the most expensive products using this, such as the foundation, mascara and liquid eyeliner to make the most of the deal.

Powder, blusher and lipstick can all be bought dirt cheap from other brands. Superdrug do a section called MUA- this is an absolute bargain. Most items are only £1, I have got 2 lipsticks from there (pink and red), lots of different colour eye shadows, pencil eyeliner, and powder. I’m sure a lot of people look at this section and assume because it is so cheap it must be of bad quality, when in fact it is just as good as top brand products. If you need make up on a budget, 100% check MUA out.

I got a new mascara the other day aswell, this one was from L’oreal in Superdrug. It is called False Lash Superstar. It has 2 ends, the first end is filled with white mascara which goes on first as a coat to thicken the eyelashes, you then go over them with the second end, filled with black mascara to lengthen the lashes, this then gives them that false eyelash look.

They make my top lashes look great, however the brush is pretty thick, I find it quite difficult to do my bottom lashes without smudging the rest of my make up. So in future I will probably get a thinner mascara aswell.

Eyeliner- I always use black liquid eyeliner on the top of my eyes, especially for shows. They give your eyes that really dramatic stand out look. For some reason I can’t use black pencil eyeliner as it smudges under my eyes which is very annoying. I love liquid eyeliner, you need a very steady hand for it so this takes quite a bit of practice, luckily enough for me I have been using it so long I am now an expert 🙂

I did actually buy a white pencil eyeliner (from the MUA section £1) because apparently if you use this in the corners and underneath your eyes it makes them look a lot bigger. I haven’t tried this out yet so I am hoping it works! The eyeliner even comes with a pencil sharpener built into the lid, I thought that was such a great idea, that way you will always have a sharp pencil.. yay.

Make up brushes- every single make up brush I own is from Avon, this is a great brand too. Very affordable and good quality. Their brushes are lovely and soft, they are just the right length and they have a whole variety of different ones to choose from. If you’re buying from Avon, you are allowed to return all make up products if they aren’t as you expected. For example the lipstick was the wrong colour or the foundation was the wrong shade. Which I think is great!

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