My recent posts and uploading lots of different videos and blogs began at the beginning of the year, when I realised this was one way of getting into children’s presenting. A lot of people have told me this is such a hard industry to break into and that I must persist. One great suggestion was from someone I met during panto, he told me that I need to make lots of videos of things which interest me and in turn will in fact be of interest to a viewer.

So I have been to Hamleys Toy store, Snowboarding, Thorpe Park, Legoland, dressed as a Princess etc. It wasn’t until I went to make a video at Windsor castle that I found out something interesting which I didn’t know before.

I was just finishing off the video, doing my final speech to the camera in front of the castle, which had two armed police officers guarding it. After I had finished one of the officers asked me what I was making the video for, I explained I wanted to be a children’s presenter and I now make lots of fun videos for YouTube which I think they might be interested in.

He said ‘Oh so you’re like a ‘YouTuber’. I had no idea this was an actual thing and a lot of people apparently did it. He asked if I had heard of a girl called Zoella, his own daughter was a huge fan of hers and that I ought to check her out when I got home.

So when I got home I looked her up, she basically uploads lots of videos to YouTube doing all sorts, mainly make up, her monthly favourites and shopping trips to show you what she bought. I have watched lots of her videos now and can see why she has such a big fan base, she seems like a genuinely nice girl with great personality, which makes her videos very appealing.

Anyway, I then started to look around for others, surprisingly there are so many of them! I find it pretty amazing how the internet has become so immensely popular and can really help people achieve their dreams. I think these guys make a living out of it, which is truly amazing. A* to YouTube, what a fantastic development.

I am continuing to make videos and blogs and will aim to post a new video every Monday & blog every Thursday. So don’t forget to check out and subscribe to my channel, I would really appreciate it: Annie’s YouTube channel

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That’s all for now, enjoy the videos 🙂

P.s here is the photo of the guy that told me of Zoella! Of all the people, an armed policeman guarding the castle haha.


Love Annie x

Annie Quinn
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