My recent activities

Hello everyone,

I have been a bit slow writing blogs lately, sometimes it is such a mammoth task when you don’t have anything in particular to write about.
However in this blog I will be telling you about all my recent exciting activities.

The most recent new thing I have been doing is Open Mic night. This was something I had never tried before and had never really fancied getting up and singing with a band having not practiced with them before hand. Anyway, one night we were at the club: me, my dad and sister, then our friend Chris Davis asked us to come up to do some backing vocals with him, well we had such a laugh that every week after that we wanted to go to open mic night and get up to do more. We even told our friends about it, who also come along and get up for a sing song.
It’s not a place where people judge you if you make a mistake, everyone is very encouraging and it’s a great way of gaining confidence. So I would highly recommend that 🙂

Secondly, some of you may know I am doing a very exciting new show…. I’m not actually allowed to talk about it which is a shame, but it is such a fun show and I absolutely love being a part of it. We get to go on electric scooters and Jet Ski’s, I was even lucky enough to be picked for their latest TV advert! So hooray for that.

You also probably know I have my own children’s princess party company Fairy Princess Parties, which I started late last year and it has come on tremendously. I have been super busy with bookings and am absolutely having a great time doing it. It just goes to show hard work pays off. So please check out and like my Facebook page….Fairy Princess Parties Facebook page I would be very grateful.

As well as all this, I make lots of YouTube videos of all kinds of different things. From job interviews with 2 year olds, talking to Basil Brush, a day out at Windsor Castle etc.

I am going to try to upload these videos weekly and continue to film lots of new and interesting footage. If you could subscribe to my channel that would be awesome…Annie’s YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for reading, speak to you all very soon 🙂

Love Annie x

Annie Quinn
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