Who to vote for?

It is the day before the the General Election and I have no idea who to vote for. To be honest I couldn’t think of anything more boring! But then I have to think of the times where women would protest and chain themselves up for the right to vote. Now we have the free will and most young people won’t even bother voting because it’s all too confusing.

I’m very ignorant and know very little about what each party has to offer, all I know is every time whichever party wins, the public still aren’t happy and moan all the way up until it’s time to vote again.

So why would we vote for the same people this year? I hear lots of people are voting conservative again, this is what confuses me. If your not happy with them now, you won’t be happy with them in the future. Unless they have promised some drastic changes I don’t see the point. Also just because Russell Brand has told people to vote for Labour doesn’t mean you should, vote for who you want, for what they have to offer. Although, most party’s promise lots of things, once they win, they fail to deliver anyway.

I really need help and someone to give me so clear reasons why and who to vote for?

Thank you in advance, and we will see very soon if we made the right decision!

Love Annie x

Annie Quinn
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