Windsor Castle

It was a nice sunny day, I had just been to the Osteopath so I was already up and out early. I thought it would be the perfect day to take a trip to Windsor Castle.

I ran back home to get my sister to come with me and we both walked to the castle, first of all to watch the changing of the guard. This happens every day at 11 o’clock… well there abouts (they are usually late) The changing of the guard is a procession of lots of soldiers all marching in their red uniforms, some holding guns and some playing instruments. It’s very intriguing to watch as every one of them are in exact time with each other.

After this we went into the castle, luckily enough for us we were the first people in the queue so got straight to the front. We also have advantage cards so didn’t have to pay for entry.. woop woop!

As you walk in, the security search you just like they do at an airport. Then you go through to the castle grounds. They had some audio headsets which gave you information about every place you could visit.  Some really interesting facts that you would never have known such as: they didn’t fully replace the floors after the fire, they just put new floor over the top. Also you saw Henry the 8th suit of Armour which he used to wear during fencing, then in the the dolls house which is the largest dolls house in the world, it had tiny taps that actually have real running water and the tiny cutlery is made out of real silver! Pretty amazing.

Me and Nat took a walk around the grounds and we stopped off in front of the flag discussing what we should film. Lots of Chinese tourists were looking over, eventually some came over to ask to have their photo taken with me. I wondered who they thought I was, then they swapped with each other and others also asked to have their photos taken too. It was a very strange experience! haha

After this we went in all the rooms, the kings bedroom, the great ballroom, the dining hall which had a huge long table which could seat over 50 people. It really is an amazing place to visit and I recommend you go there if you get the chance.

Have a look at my video from the day below.

Thanks for reading.

Love Annie x

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