Dear Lupin

My dad got asked if he would like to go and see the new show ‘Dear Lupin’. This was on at the Theatre Royal Windsor on Tuesday 14th April, for the opening night of the premiers before it goes into the west end

So dad asked if my sister and I would like to go with him. We love the Theatre so said yes straight away! This show is different as it is a play. We have been to so many shows but they have all been musicals, so this was in fact the first straight play I had ever seen! I say ‘straight’ play, it was actually a comedy, but still very different to what I am used to watching.

We arrived early to get our tickets, then we stood outside for a little while a decided to take a photo by one of the posters out there. My dad asked a guy who was also standing outside if he could take a photo of us, which he willingly did 🙂

After he had taken the photo, he was asking us if we were related to anyone in the show and why we decided to come and see it. He was a really lovely man and genuinely interested. He began telling us about the show and how there were only 2 actors in it. Played by father and son James Fox & Jack Fox. He knew an awful lot about the show considering this was the first night, to which my dad said, “oh you will probably tell me in a minute that you wrote it” then the man replied grinning “I’m the producer- Kenny Wax”.

We couldn’t believe it, out of all the people standing outside, my dad picked one of the most important people there to take our photo! It just shows you, you never know who is about!

So we watched the show, it was very funny. The audience were laughing throughout the whole play. James Fox was very humorous, his character had to keep switching to different types of people such as: an army sergeant major, a head teacher, a woman! He put on different voices and it was very believable. A couple of times he forgot his lines and had to be prompted but it just added to the show and made it even funnier. (He should do that every night! haha)

Jack Fox played the son, growing up at Eton college, he was a typical boy that wanted to have fun and mess around, he eventually got kicked out of the school but luckily his friends dad was very high up and got them to be accepted back.  He was very good at portraying different ages, starting from an Eton school boy right up until his 60’s at the end, without even having to change clothes.

The script was very cleverly written, directed and of course produced! The 2 actors did a marvelous job, not only at acting but remembering that amount of lines! They didn’t leave the stage so had huge amounts of script to learn, not many people could have done that. So very well done to everyone involved and Thank You for a fabulous funny evening.

Dear Lupin

Thanks for reading 😀

Annie x

Annie Quinn
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